Family Hui Tanzania

Since being established as a registered nonprofit in Tanzania in 2014, Lead4Tomorrow has launched a pilot program, impacting 20 families participating in the Family Hui program, and has formed a Family Hui Tanzania Advisory Council. The pilot program was successful, with one mother commenting specifically on the nutrition lesson, “I now know how to handle my child’s nutrition. My son was not eating and losing weight – a scenario that faces many young mothers. After attending hui training and following the nutrition advice…my son is now eating!”

We are fundraising to expand our program in Tanzania, including:

  • Provide consistent stipends and ongoing training to program coordinators and group facilitators (trained peer leaders)
  • Translate the Family Hui curriculum into Swahili
  • Provide each family in a hui with printed copies of the curriculum

Strategic Partners in Tanzania:

  • Denis Bikesha, Lead4Tomorrow Eastern Africa Program Coordinator – formerly a key leader in the Gacaca court system addressing the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide, now completing his PhD
  • Geofrey Rucho and Mother and Child Hope for Education and Empowerment Organization (MCHEEO), a Tanzanian nonprofit working alongside Lead4Tomorrow to reduce violence, especially involving women and children

We feel privileged to have an opportunity to work alongside Denis, Geofrey, and MCHEEO to help reduce violence and create healthier, safer family environments. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at